The top 6 places to visit in Spain with your Eurail pass

If you’re planning to visit Spain then you’ll be glad to know that it has some fantastic national transport links that can get you from one place to another with relative ease. In fact, travelling through Spain via train has become one of the more popular, affordable and laid-back ways to experience the country in all of its glory. And with your Eurail pass, you can put together a relatively affordable holiday to Spain and still get to experience some of its most amazing destinations.

We’ve put together a list of 6 of the top places to visit in Spain that are accessible by rail. This will give you a simple and convenient form of transportation to help you get around and you’ll find that together with affordable accommodation, you can turn this guide into a fantastic itinerary to help you explore Spain.


As one of Spain’s largest cities, Valencia has some of the most breathtaking architecture that you’ll come across in the whole country. There’s a wide selection of Gothic buildings to explore and admire, but also some modern constructions that house lively bars, chic restaurants and unique museums. This makes Valencia a must-visit destination if you’re a budding foodie or simply want to embrace the culture and tradition that Spain is steeped in.


As the capital of Spain, there’s no shortage of easy transport links, restaurants, attractions and activities to get involved with. It’s also an easy place to find accommodation and comes highly recommended if you’re interested in exploring the culture and tradition that Spain has to offer. Grabbing a train to Madrid couldn’t be simpler and with the whole city to explore, it’ll take days to even scratch the surface.


When it comes to sunbathing and delicious cultural delicacies, Barcelona cannot be beaten. The city mashes together several different architectural styles to create an iconic yet breathtaking view and you’d be surprised at all of the highly-rated restaurants, hotels and clubs that can be found everywhere. If you’re a football fan, then there’s also behind-the-scenes tours of the famous FC Barcelona Camp Nou stadium and exciting flamenco shows all over the city. There’s always something to do in Barcelona and thanks to how easy it is to get around Spain, you’ll find that Barcelona deserves a guaranteed spot on your itinerary.


Thanks to its close proximity to the sea, Malaga is the go-to place for sunbathing, delicious seafood and relaxation. It’s the perfect city to visit if you just want a break from all the stress of your work life and whether it’s lively nightlife or scenic hiking routes you’re looking for, Malaga has it all. It’s a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the city at your own pace without worrying about visiting every single landmark in a few days. So if you want something a bit more relaxing, Malaga is a must-visit destination by rail.


A cultural and historically-rich city with lots of greenery, Seville is the type of location you visit because you want to soak in the Spanish atmosphere and culture with a backdrop of outstanding views to admire. With the world’s largest cathedral to explore, ancient towers with historic architecture and beautiful beaches to the south, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where you want to visit when you’re in Seville.

Costa Brava

As one of the most romantic and breathtaking places in the whole of Spain, this relatively untouched landscape is a gorgeous sight to behold and mixes both natural scenery and beautiful architecture to create one of the most iconic Spanish destinations to visit. You’ll come across outstanding sights, delicious cuisine and plenty of entertainment that can provide lots of laughs and excitement or a bit of romantic intimacy. Whatever you’re looking for, Costa Brava has it all!

So there you have it; 6 places in Spain that are well worth a visit if you’re planning to do a tour around the country with your Eurail pass. As a closing tip, we definitely recommend that you try and book your seat reservations in advance. While it’s perfectly fine to just show up at the train station to get your seat reservation, you might find it easy to plan ahead in advance so you can also book your accommodation at the same time. Either way, we hope you have fun exploring Spain by rail and use this guide to help you navigate the country.