About Us

Travelling around Europe by rail is a difficult thing to plan: from figuring out what routes are even possible, to booking good value accommodation for several cities in a row, it's a very complicated process. We experienced this ourselves on our first Interrail trips, and in 2016 we launched Interrail Planner to make it easier to plan trips around Europe. However, as Interrail is just for Europeans, we realised we were neglecting everyone outside Europe who also wanted to explore the continent by train! Therefore, we launched Eurail Planner to make it just as easy to plan Eurail trips - and now, hopefully, we can help almost anyone in the world to also have the best possible eurotrip experience, right from the initial route planning!

It's also really important to us that we don't add any costs to your trip if we don't have to, so Eurail Planner is available to use for free. We make money through affiliate partners, who give us a percentage of anything you book through this website, and through our Premium account, which gives you access to extra features and exclusive discounts for a small fee. So, if you’d like to support us, all you have to do is use the buttons on the planner to buy your pass and book your accommodation! Or alternatively, upgrade to Premium and support us whilst getting additional benefits!

We really welcome feedback, so contact us with any comments or ideas - it will help us to make sure we continually improve the trip planning experience. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ, or if you can’t find an answer there, drop us a line.

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic Eurail trip!

Meet the guys behind Eurail Planner

Jack Cowell Co-Founder

Equally passionate about European rail travel and solving problems using technology, Jack is always trying to improve the eurotrip experience.

Jack MacHugh Co-Founder

As a three-time Interrailer, Jack has been to pretty much every major city in Europe - look out for the posts on our blog, as they'll often come from him!

Dino Vidaković Co-Founder

Based in Croatia, Dino has been in the tech business for over 10 years. He runs Crionis, the web and mobile development company behind Interrail Planner & Eurail Planner.