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Are you looking to go on a trip around Europe by rail? A Eurail pass is a very flexible way of doing just that! Whether you want to explore one country, several, or all of Europe there is a pass to suit your travel needs.

Eurail Global Passes

Explore more than 30,000 destinations across 33 countries with the Global Pass. There are two types of Global Passes: the Flexi Pass allows you to travel on a set number of days within a 1 or 2 month period, and the Continuous Pass allows unlimited travel on any day throughout the validity of your pass.
Eurail Planner is an official seller of Eurail passes and when you buy a Eurail Global Pass through Eurail Planner, we offer:

Please note: Eurail passes are for non-Europeans – if you are a citizen or resident of a European country, you can buy an Interrail Pass instead.

Global Passes

General terms

Passes are 100% refundable before activation

If you decide you no longer want to travel, you can request an 100% refund from us as long as you haven't activated your Eurail Pass.

Mobile passes delivered to you instantly

We offer mobile Eurail passes, which means they can be delivered to you instantly via email - we don't sell paper passes.

Buy now, travel up to 11 months later

Travel straight away or in 11 months time. You can activate your pass whenever you want during the 11 month time window.

Eurail Passes are for non-Europeans

The Eurail Pass is available for purchase by non-European citizens and residents. European residents can purchase an Interrail pass.

Some trains require seat reservations

Seat reservations aren’t included in your Eurail Pass. Some trains - particularly high speed and international trains - will require reservations.

Children under 12 years old travel free

Up to two children under 12 years old can travel for free with an accompanying adult Eurail passholder.

Eurail One Country Passes

Are you looking to explore just one country? Eurail One-Country Passes are just the ticket for scratching that itch by delving deeper into a specific country, discovering hidden gems off the beaten track. Each One-Country Pass has the option of a 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 days within 1 month period. With 30 One-Country Passes to choose from, where are you heading next?

One Country Passes

Eurail Pass FAQs

Which countries can I use my Eurail pass in?

If you choose the Eurail Global Pass, you can travel in all 33 participating countries. These countries are Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

Who can buy a Eurail pass?

The Eurail Pass is available for purchase by non-European citizens and residents. European citizens can buy an Interrail pass for the same price as a Eurail pass. If you are non-European but are an official resident of Europe, you should get an Interrail pass.

How long is a travel day?​

A travel day lasts 24 hours from 00:00 CET until 23:59 CET, and you can travel on as many trains as you want within that time frame – it still counts as using one travel day. If you are using a night train that departs in the evening and arrives directly the next day then only one travel day is used – your day of departure.

How many days are there in the one month validity period?

If a Eurail pass is valid for a month, it means that it is valid for the number of days that are in the month that it starts. For example, if the pass start date is in July, the pass will be valid for 31 days, but if the pass start date is in June, the pass will only be valid for 30 days. If you depart on 12th August, your pass will be valid until 11th September. This is all taken into account by our Eurail planning tool’s pass tracking feature.

What is a mobile pass?

The Eurail mobile pass is a paperless ticket that can be added instantly to your smartphone. It runs on Eurail’s own app so you can get train timetables and digitally add journeys and keep track of the number of travel days you’ve used up.

It has the added flexibility of not having to choose a start date until you actually want to use it. You can buy it up to 11 months before you want to travel. 

And, if you lose your phone while travelling, Eurail will replace your pass for free.

When does my Eurail pass start?

With Eurail mobile passes, you activate your pass when you make your first journey. The pass must be activated within 11 months of the purchase date.

When purchasing a paper pass, you must provide the start date at checkout. This is then printed on your pass and the validity date therefore starts from them, regardless of when your first journey is. Paper passes can also be purchased up to 11 months in advance of travelling.

Is public transport included on my Eurail pass?

No, public transport is generally not included on your pass.