The top 5 cities to visit in Germany on your Eurail trip

Eurail gives travellers to Europe an exciting opportunity for an iconic and scenic journey across the continent. You want to take charge of this and make sure you plan out every facet of your trip as much as possible. The best way of achieving this is to make sure you use Eurail Planner as much as possible to map out your route and get accommodation sorted along the way too. 

There are so many amazing countries in Europe that are crying out for a visit, and you need to think about places you would like to go. Germany is one of the most appealing and historically significant countries in Europe, and this would be a wonderful place to start your European adventure. So, that means looking at some of the best cities in Germany that you are able to visit during your trip, and these are five of the most important and appealing. 

1. Berlin 

If you head to one city in Germany, make it Berlin. One of the best cities in the world, Berlin is steeped in history and culture, with plenty of tourist hotspots such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and the Reichstag. The German capital finally reunited in 1990, healing from the division of the Cold War, and becoming a diverse and cosmopolitan metropolis of art, music, culture, and architecture. The nightlife is also renowned, and Berlin is a city that comes alive beneath a blanket of stars. Check out the U-Bahn, trams, and bus services that will help you get around the city.

2. Frankfurt 

Frankfurt is a major travel hub because of its international airport, and this is the reason a lot of people visit here but never get out and explore the city. The financial epicenter of Germany, Frankfurt is an opulent and majestic city with so much to offer tourists. Iconic for its towering skyscrapers, Frankfurt sits on the banks of the Main River, and the cityscape offers some wonderful views of the river. For all you bookworms out there, the city is also home to the biggest book fair in the world, the International Book Fair, which runs through October, and has been going since the 15th Century! 

3. Hamburg 

If waterways and bridges are your thing, then Hamburg is the place for you. Nestled in the Jutland Peninsula in the North of the country, it’s a city with bags of character and a whole lot to do. This port city is the second-largest in Germany and has some of the most scenic routes for walking in the whole of the country. Its extensive waterways and bridges have earned it the nickname Venice of the North. It also has some of the best coffee bars in all of Germany, making it ideal for those looking for their early morning java hit. Head for the St. Pauli area of the city, and you will really get to enjoy a unique and charming city. 

4. Munich

Bavaria is one of Germany’s most exciting regions, and Munich is its capital. There are a lot of amazing cultural traditions to explore and enjoy in the city known as the Gateway to the Alps. This is the land of Oktoberfest, BMW, and a successful sporting dynasty. Munich is one of the most technologically advanced, innovative, and creative cities in the world, and perhaps the closest you’ll come to other “big cities.” When you arrive, check out Marienplatz for some shopping or food options, and also make sure you take a look at the English Garden, and the surfing canal. 

5. Cologne 

The city of Köln sits on the banks of the Rhine River and is one of the oldest cities in Germany. If you are visiting over the festive period, we advise that you take in some of the city’s world-famous Christmas markets. The 157-meter Cologne Cathedral is a truly stunning architectural delight, and, if you’re feeling energized, you might even consider climbing the 500+ steps inside! The Old Town is a definite highlight, and you should pick your journey up here when you arrive in Cologne. 

As you can see, these are some of the best and most iconic cities across Germany that you should visit right now. There are plenty more as well, and special mentions must go to Bremen, Dusseldorf, and Leipzig, but we feel that these 5 offer the most complete experience of Germany as a nation. This is why it is so important to make sure you have a Eurotrip planned out that involves time spent in these cities. Soaking up German culture and hospitality is something that can add so much to your trip, and that is what makes these 5 options the most important for the future.