Introducing Japan Rail Planner

We’ve launched a new website: Japan Rail Planner!

Anyone visiting Japan as a tourist is eligible for a Japan Rail pass (also known as a JR pass), which is similar to a Eurail pass in that it lets you travel on the rail network for a certain period of time, without having to buy individual tickets. Japan Rail Planner is basically the same as Eurail Planner, but is designed to help people who want to travel around Japan using the Japan Rail pass, rather than travelling around Europe with a Eurail pass. The new website offers all the same great features as Eurail Planner: you can create your route on a map, search for accommodation, estimate costs, and everything else. And, at the end of it, you get to go to Japan!

If you like the sound of that (and you should if you’ve ever been on a Eurail trip), check out Japan Rail Planner and follow our new Instagram account with amazing photos of Japan posted on a regular basis!