A perfect weekend in the City of Canals: how to make the most out of your Eurail stop-off in Venice

Italy is one of the hotspots for people on Eurorail trips around Europe, which won’t really come as a surprise to many, considering its fame. If you are planning on visiting Italy on your Eurail journey then Venice is absolutely worth considering. Although you could stay in the town for two weeks and still have something explore, a weekend is enough to experience the best it has to offer. You get to the main train station Santa Lucia from virtually from any major European city by train.


While the hostels and private accommodation in Venice’s surrounding areas, Mestre and Marghera, are much more affordable, nothing can beat having a bed in the City of Canals itself. To avoid huge prices, make sure you make a reservation enough in advance and avoid some most popular periods such as the summer months. On the other hand, if you want to treat yourself during your stay, rent a gorgeous room in one of their most popular hotels, such as the Royal San Marco, that sits at the edge of the well known San Marco Square.

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Walk without guides

Not many towns offer so many worthy sites that can be reached by foot, and while there are certain hotspots like the San Marco Square, you’ll discover so much more by walking without any guides. Don’t be afraid to take the wrong turn, since you can stumble upon something beautiful at just about every corner. The city is small and divided by canals, which makes it nearly impossible to lose your track and get lost. Pass over the numerous bridges, explore one of the many churches and private mansions, take a coffee and gelato in a less crowded shop and just enjoy the romantic atmosphere unique to the City of Canals.

Explore the canals

There are two ways to explore the iconic canals of Venice. The first is a ride with their traditional gondolas, that allows you a private tour led by charismatic gondoliers that will guide you through the city sites. This option is a bit expensive though, costing around €80 for 40 minutes, but luckily there is an affordable option that’s just as fun. Vaporettos are the main public transport in Venice, and the must-do line is the one through the Grand Canal, which allows you to see all the main spots with other travellers. It’s a great way to experience the Venetian lifestyle and culture, while saving your budget for dining and for the sites themselves.

Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Whether you’re a modern art enthusiast or just a curious explorer, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum is a must-visit for anyone. This intricate museum is set far away from crowded squares and offers a completely different view of Venice. It’s housed in a 200 year old Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, and surrounded by a stunning garden that leaves no one indifferent. You can go through their entire collection in less than an hour, and seal your visit with a cup of coffee in the in-house garden.

Eat local food

Venice is packed with restaurants of all kinds, each one having something delicious to offer. Try to avoid those around tourist hotspots and aim for smaller places in less crowded areas. They will give you a much more authentic experience. A full bowl of traditional pasta is a must-eat in every part of Italy, but in Venice you should also try their cicchetti, a famous snack typically served in bars all around the city. Head to Bacaro Risorto for exactly that!

Take a ride to Murano

Murano is an island near Venice known for its staggering glassworks, and it can be reached within a few minutes with a vaporetto. While you could spend the entire day touring this picturesque place, you can explore it’s most valuable spot Museo del Vetro, in less than an hour. This museum showcases their iconic glassblowing techniques as well as a huge collection of glass pieces. You can also purchase a piece for yourself, which is possibly the most valuable souvenir you can get in the area. Burano is also nearby, famous for its colourful houses and well worth a stop off at!