What backpack should I take for a Eurotrip? The top 6 backpacks to take travelling around Europe

“What backpack should I take on a Eurotrip?” – we get asked this question a lot. But that makes sense, at is your most important piece of kit. You’ll be using it to carry all your possessions and lugging it around, most likely, in the heat of summer and on busy trains. So it’s really crucial that you find one that works for you.

What size backpack should I take?

The size of the backpack you should take on a Eurail trip does depend on a few factors, like change of clothes/footwear for weather conditions and your access to travel facilities. A lot of Eurailers like to travel light and keep things manageable, and this is good advice. Remember, you’ll be carrying all your stuff on your back – don’t take anything you think you might need, if turns out you need something you didn’t bring, you can always buy it out in Europe!

We recommend taking a main backpack of 50-70 litres for a 3 week Eurotrip. If you’re going for longer, this will also do you well, as you can just wash things as you go along more regularly. You should definitely also take a day sack for exploring cities, leaving your main bag in the hostel locker. A lot of the more premium backpacks come with handy detachable sacks, which are an ideal size for exploring.

The best backpacks to take Eurailing

We’ve selected six of our favourite backpacks to take Eurailing. We are teamed up with Amazon so you can click on each bag and get further information. They come in at various price levels but we recommend you spend the most you can afford on a backpack. Good ones last for ages and it’s likely you will use it again!

Osprey Farpoint 55L

An excellent backpack packed with handy features for travellers. It’s front-loading, so nothing will ever get stuck at the bottom! You can also zip away the back straps, so it can go on the plane without getting caught on anything. And it comes with a  detachable 13L day bag for day trips, perfectly sized for a laptop. It’s one of the lightest back-packable travel packs for its capacity and packs like a suitcase but is worn like a backpack. This is the 55L size but the 70L version is also suitable for Eurailing and is available here.

Vango Freedom II 60 + 20L

This backpack is the updated version of the original Vango Freedom backpack and it’s been upgraded in all the right areas. This is a versatile and hard-wearing travel bag due to its Protex 4:2 fabric construction, which is abrasion and water resistant – ideal for Eurotrips! It’s front-loading and there’s a 20L detachable day sack, just as the others above.

Vango have also built in compression straps, zipped pockets and a drawcord inside, to help pack down clothes, but also keep things separate i.e. dirty laundry

It’s one of the best bags on the market for long distance travelling. The travel pack is also well prepared for air travel, featuring a flight cover to protect the straps while in transit. The 80 + 20L pack is availablehere.

Mountain Warehouse Tor 65L

This is a great, lower-cost option – more of a classic expedition-style backpack, but still ideal for Eurotrips. You can access the bag from the top or bottom, so things that are stuffed at the bottom are still easy to access. There are 6 pockets and the main compartment can be divided into two areas so you can keep things separate. The straps are also very adjustable so you can get a comfortable fit on your back.

Deuter ACT Lite 45 + 10L

If you feel like travelling light, this is the perfect-sized backpack for you. It’s been manufactured to fit smaller frames as it has a shorter back length, so is ideal for women. It’s actually designed by women, for women!

It also comes with a detachable day pack, and is a top-loader so you’ll need to be organised if you choose this backpack.

Osprey Atmos AG 50L

This is a lightweight backpack with an anti-gravity suspension system that takes the weight off your shoulders. It sits slightly off your back thanks to the air mesh system in order to be breathable and (hopefully!) prevent a sweaty back. Similar systems have been used for the shoulder and hip straps. Pack more but feel less weight!

Caribee Fast Track 75L

Now, this one is effectively a suitcase, as it is front-loading and gives you the choice of carrying like a normal backpack or wheeling it along the city streets – extremely useful for Eurotrips, but future holidays too! It’s a very easy-to-manoeuvre wheeled bag, which also sits comfortably on your back thanks to the adjustable waist strap.