Eurail announce new passes, lower prices and travel in the United Kingdom

59 years after the Eurail scheme was launched, the UK has got on board! Today, Eurail announced the addition of three countries that can be travelled to on the Eurail pass: the United Kingdom, Lithuania and Macedonia.

There are also a bundle of new pass options, including the option to travel 2nd class as an adult (previously only 1st class was on option for Eurail passes). The Select passes have been discontinued, in favour of bolstering the Global pass range, which now consists of the following:

On top of that, the prices for Eurail passes have been lowered with prices effective immediately. Additionally, there is now a 10% discount available for over-60s!

Night train rules are now simpler. No matter your arrival time, you only need to use one travel day when taking a night train: your day of departure.

Explore more Greek islands with the enhanced Greek Islands Pass, which has been improved to include a further 25 islands, bringing the total amount of Greek islands you can explore to 53.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be implementing these new features into Eurail Planner – stay tuned!